‘Bully’ dustmen surround family car with bins saying ‘block that f****** car in’

A crew of ‘bullying’ dustmen have been captured on camera surrounding a family car with bins appearing to block it in.

They use 11 black bins to trap the car as one can be heard saying – ‘block that f car in’.

The bizarre incident was caught on CCTV yesterday morning outside a home in Oldham, in Greater Manchester, reports Manchester Evening News.

In the footage the three dustmen can be seen walking down the side of the home as one of them points at the car.

After emptying the bins in the wagon they then deliberately surround the silver Toyota Yaris with them.

“My mum and dad are just fed up with it, but they just deal with it. They don’t want to make a fuss, but I think it’s bullying.

“My dad works until midnight every night and he has to go out and move all the bins.

“Why should he have to do that? It breaks my heart. It really upsets me.

“I just think it’s disgusting. “

An Oldham council spokesman said: “This is clearly unacceptable behaviour.

“We’ll be interviewing the staff involved in line with the council’s disciplinary procedures.

“Officers have visited the address and have apologised to the resident.”

The incident took place a day after binmen in Oldham were praised for their efforts during the pandemic.

In a statement updating residents on when green bins would be collected again, Oldham council said: “Our bin crews have been working under very difficult working conditions. As with other council services the virus has had an impact on our staff and the ways they can work safely.

“Many of you came out and clapped them as they emptied your bins and this gesture along with many other messages of support have been really appreciated.

“To protect our teams and to stop the spread of COVID-19, all our staff must follow government guidelines around social distancing. This also applies to when they are in the cabs.

“So, at the minute, we can only have two people in the wagons – one being the driver.

“This impacts on how much waste and recycling we can collect. We don’t want to get behind on the rounds so we are collecting what we can.

“As soon as things change, we’ll let you know – bear with us and thanks for your understanding.”